Two monumental portraits return to The Players after a summer at Center Art Studio

Our continuing work on the collection of The Players Collection reached a high point last week when we returned two larger-than-life portraits after a summer in treatment.  Our friend Michael Gerbino, Chairman of the Branding Committee at The Players, writes: “After a long hot summer two masterpieces from the collection of The Players Foundation have found their way home: Edwin Booth as the sinister Cardinal in Richelieu by John Collier and Joseph Jefferson as the cowardly Bob Acres in The Rivals by John White Alexander. The restoration and conservation talents of Center Art Studio have peeled away layers of grime to reveal brilliant renditions of these towering theatrical giants by two of the most prominent portrait artists of their time. The first two presidents of The Players return to face each other in theatrical battle in an alcove between The Great Hall and The Dining Room, one actor in tragedy and the other in comedy -representing the club’s logo in painterly form. The portrait of Booth as Richelieu was painted in London by Collier and first exhibited at the Royal Academy. Jefferson thought so much of his role as Bob Acres that he had a train station in Louisiana named in the character’s honor. The Richelieu was restored in memory of Player Scott Glascock.”

We look forward to future projects with this great New York collection.Alexander Collier Artwork at The Players


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